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Student Looking for answers (Shannon Swart, 16 July 2010)

I am a student looking to recreate the results of your experiment for Adv. Mol. Genetics. Any help in would be apreciated. read full comment

Comment on: Haynes et al. Journal of Biological Engineering, 2:8

Re: Authentic teaching and learning... (Selina Siuo, 16 July 2010)

Biology is the study of life. Science says it is making huge advancements, Catholics issue a warning to the scientists; what is it that stirs up a huge amount of controversy? Scientists are finally attaining their goal of creating synthetic DNA. Genetic Engineers have actually tuned synthetic DNA into a living organism. New drugs, foods, fuels, and others could be created from this development. The advancement hasn't happened overnight, and there is still an extended road ahead before these breakthroughs can definitely be made. In either case though there's knowledge now that this is fully feasible, leaving the potentials endless. read full comment

Comment on: Kuldell Journal of Biological Engineering, 1:8

sharp bands? (Drew Endy, 13 January 2010)

This is terrifically exciting work. Congratulations!

I am wondering how you think about the crispness / sharpness of the bands of cell growth or fluorescence (as shown in Figures 3 & 4)? What's responsible for making this work so well? How far do you think the tuning of the sharpness of the bands can be pushed?

Drew read full comment

Comment on: Sohka et al. Journal of Biological Engineering, 3:10